Our vision is a future where all Muslim females throughout the world enjoy access to sports. 


Our mission is to advance Muslim women’s rights through sports and media.


SHEER’zah-non means “female heroes” in Persian. 


We are a media and advocacy platform – a springboard for the positive, powerful narrative being shaped by Muslim females in sport – from athletes to officials, entrepreneurs to team owners, journalists and beyond. We highlight the achievements of Muslim female athletes by publishing articles and videos online and by sharing their stories through social media – particularly to citizens whose governments limit free information and human rights.


Many barriers to Muslim women playing sport for health and enjoyment are also experienced by women of all backgrounds—it is why Title IX in the U.S. was such a game-changer. However, government policies, misinformation and cultural and religious expectations of women from the South Asian, Middle Eastern, and African communities can throw up additional barriers, including at a young age, when sport becomes a lifetime practice. Muslim women and girls are underrepresented in many sports bodies and competitions; Shirzanan is working to increase that representation.


We are developing advocates by sharing our expertise and network to enhance the sports empowerment initiatives of our Team Shirzanan Athlete Ambassadors (and other Muslim females) working in their home communities and countries.


We plan journalism, digital storytelling, information communications technology and athlete, including youth, media training workshops to improve media representation from both sides – as producers and subjects.


We amplify the words and images of Muslim females in sport to inspire increased sports participation and skill development that advance Muslim girls’ and women’s leadership, independence and gender equality (Sustainable Development Goal #5).


We celebrate diversity, challenge stereotypes in mainstream media, promote Muslim female athletes as role models, integrate them with one another and the international sports community, and develop cross-cultural understanding.


We are building out our multimedia website, hosting panel discussions and facilitating cross-cultural sports exchanges that foster multi-national and inter-generational dialogue.


We will utilize all of the above to challenge discriminatory laws and practices as we strive to secure access to sports for all Muslim females – as spectators, athletes, coaches, officials, journalists, reporters, agents, entrepreneurs, etc.

Shirzanan is a non-governmental, non-profit initiative. In order to provide our information and services free to the public, we rely on donations and grants to sustain and develop our work.

Contact us at info@shirzanan.org


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